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Are you looking to help in some way? Become a Police Athletic League of Wilmington volunteer! We are looking for talented and dedicated people to help with the children we serve daily in the City of Wilmington.

Volunteer Opportunities

From program and event volunteer opportunities to helping with our facilities, we have a spot for you!

Become a Program Volunteer

Our programs are built to allow children to learn new skills, raise their confidence, and create lasting experiences that help form their character and future. In volunteering for one of these programs, you can supervise children during athletic games, assist during mealtime, help a child in the computer lab, read aloud to a group of kids, and so on.

Let us know what your skills and interests are.

We have a spot for you!
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Join us as an Event Volunteer

Are you too busy to volunteer on a regular basis? Many of us have schedules that do not allow long term plans, but you can still help! PALW holds several events throughout the year to help with our fundraising efforts, and volunteers are needed for planning and help during our events.

Your involvement could include:

Distribution of event flyers to businesses in the city.
Decorating and set up for the event space.
Running or judging a children's game.
Referee duties for a sports game.
Helping with the food sales or prep.
Cleanup and breakdown of events.
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Apply your hand as a Facilities Volunteer

Are you good with your hands or technically savvy? Help is always needed in various jobs and projects around our facility. You can help with cleaning around the building, maintaining the landscaping around the building in the spring and fall, spackling and painting program rooms or offices, or reorganizing an overflowing closet.

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Your help, in any way, is always appreciated.
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Community Service

Educational Community Service

The Police Athletic League of Wilmington provides opportunities for individuals to perform school assigned community service and internship hours. We provide opportunities for all education organizations with volunteer, community services, and internships. Individuals of institutions in middle, high school, and collegiate level may complete their community service, internship, and/or volunteer hours within our facility. Community service, internships, and volunteers will work directly with our administration team, programs, and children to perform duties to assist our organization to help build brighter futures in our community. All are welcome to be a part of the PALW team.

Court Appointed Community Service

The Police Athletic League of Wilmington provides opportunities for individuals to perform court-appointed community service hours. Acceptance as a community service volunteer is determined on a case by case basis. Court-appointed community service volunteers will work directly with the children but can offer assistance in other projects as available.

Employment Opportunities

The Police Athletic League of Wilmington is an enjoyable and rewarding place to come to work every day. The result of your effort is seen on the faces of the children. They come to PALW to grow in confidence and gain experiences that point their futures in the right direction. Their smiles are the inspiration for our work. 

Below are some of the employment opportunities we have at this time. Submit your application and/or resume if you are interested in becoming a part of our mission.

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