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christopher purnell

Christopher Purnell

Executive Director

In November 2019, I assumed the role of Executive Director at the Police Athletic League of Wilmington (PALW) after serving as Developmental Director for three years.

A Wilmington, Delaware native, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and a Master’s degree in Education Administration and Leadership from Wilmington University, complemented by various certificates and certifications. With 31 years of experience in education and recreation, my journey has encompassed roles such as Camp Counselor, Assistant Athletic Director, Prevention Coordinator, Physical Education Teacher, Dean of Discipline, Director of Transportation and Facilities, Assistant Principal, Director of Operations, and Athletic Director. Coaching football, basketball, baseball, and softball at middle and high school levels has enriched my understanding of youth development. My diverse background, coupled with invaluable mentorship, has equipped me for this leadership position. My overarching goal is to expand opportunities for youth, families, and community members to access positive and impactful services and programs at our facility. Through strengthened community partnerships and innovative approaches, we aim to enhance both the physical and technological infrastructure of our facilities, ensuring that students, families, and community members have access to the latest information, resources, and equipment to meet their evolving needs for services and support. Together, we are committed to advancing toward the shared vision of “Building Brighter Futures” for all.

Ryan Jordan

Resource officer

Thomas Mckean graduate 2000
University of Delaware graduate 2004
WPD 2005-current
PALW officer 2021-current

Board of Directors

Coby Owens


Coby Owens is a native Wilmingtonian and is an award-winning advocate and national organizer. As a human and civil rights activist, he has led mobilizations and nonviolent direct action campaigns across the country.

Coby possesses the unique ability to bring people together for a common purpose and mobilize them to bring about change. Coby’s passion to fight for equity in our community comes from his own life’s journey and fuels his pursuit of fundamental civil rights.

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Shardae White

Vice President

Shardae White is a seasoned case manager with a passion for providing culturally responsive social services. 

With over nine years of experience in the field, Shardae has developed a strong track record of navigating various care systems, including housing, education, health, and family support.

Her commitment to detail, organizational skills, and effective communication have made her an asset in the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, where she currently serves as a Senior Community Navigator. In this role, Shardae has successfully secured grants for the expansion of housing services, demonstrating her dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Beyond her professional achievements, Shardae has been recognized for her outstanding contributions, receiving the 2022 Francine C. Oates Award for Exceptional Success and Dedication to the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League’s Mission. Named Most Influential Delawarean by Delaware Online in 2021, Shardae continues to play a vital role in community engagement and advocacy.

Her diverse experiences, leadership roles, and commitment to social justice underscore her role as a dedicated professional contributing to the betterment of her community.

Necia M. Jones


Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Necia always knew she was destined for greatness. 

In 2009, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Hospitality Management from Delaware State University, continuing her education with a Master’s Degree in Project Management and Business Administration from Strayer University in 2014. 

Ambitious and eager to learn, Necia initiated her management journey at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, becoming one of the first minority women to work at the Crystal Palace Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. With diverse experience in marketing, estate planning with a focus on IRAs, and managing small business clients for a Fortune 500 Company, she currently excels as a project manager for Chase, the #1 U.S. bank. Community service and volunteerism have always been integral to Necia’s life. She serves as the board secretary and fundraising chair for the Police Athletic League Wilmington (PALW) and is an active member of Toastmasters JPMC Wilmington Chapter. In June 2021, she founded the Pay It Forward Networking Group, addressing mental health, financial literacy, work-life balance, and business development for women of color. Necia is also a proud member of DSUAA Wilmington Alumni Chapter for Delaware State University. 

In 2023, Necia expanded her endeavors with Jones Company Consulting, embracing the motto “Navigating Success – Cultivating Community.” This new venture reflects her commitment to guiding others toward success while fostering a sense of community. Venturing into leadership, real estate, and commerce, Necia established Jones Property Company in 2017, providing property management and notary services in the tri-state area. Having completed the Pre-Licensing Course approved by the Delaware Real Estate Commission, she is driven by a passion for delivering value and ensuring the utmost client satisfaction. Known for her perseverance, dedication, and trustworthiness, Necia continues to focus on making a positive impact and helping others.

raelynn lemon

RaeLynn Lemon


RaeLynn is an information technology professional with 12 years of experience and has resided in Delaware for 8 years.

She has a strong passion for innovation and technology, always striving to keep up with the latest trends and advancements. In addition to her professional pursuits, she is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc and is dedicated to community service. RaeLynn loves finding ways to simplify tasks and make life easier for those around her. Her enthusiasm for technology and commitment to service make her a valuable member to the Police Athletic League of Wilmington board and community.

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Zinnia Duran

Office Manager with 10 years of professional experience currently working for WSFS BANK.

My passion for leadership comes from my love of one’s personal growth and self-development. Committed to unlocking full potential, I embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and thrive on the transformative power of self-discovery. A love for self-improvement, I seek to inspire and uplift others on their own paths to becoming the best version of themselves.

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Brandon Hamilton

Brandon Hamilton is an education professional based in Wilmington, Delaware, known for his analytical prowess, boundless energy, and meticulous attention to detail. 

With a background in behavioral science, Brandon has dedicated his career to creating cooperative and supportive communities within educational settings. Graduating from Mount Pleasant High School in 2007, Brandon continued his education at Wilmington University, where he pursued a degree in Behavioral Science, graduating in December 2017.

Throughout his professional journey, Brandon has held various roles, each contributing to his expertise in behavioral redirection and student support. As a Dean of Students at The Pilot School since December 2021, Brandon administers and enforces school policies while mentoring and counseling at-risk students, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and cooperation among all community members. Prior to this, Brandon served as a Behavioral Specialist at George Read Middle School, where he assisted staff in defining and measuring behavior, implemented strategies for reinforcing positive behaviors, and provided recognition for student accomplishments.

Brandon’s commitment to supporting individuals extends beyond the classroom. As a former Family Visitation Counselor at Child INC., he provided guidance and support to clients, ensuring they could utilize available resources to make informed life decisions. Additionally, his experience as a Youth Rehabilitation Counselor at Ferris School for Boys involved preparing and maintaining records, developing tailored rehabilitation plans, and collaborating with clients’ families to support their rehabilitation efforts.

Throughout his career, Brandon has exemplified patience, passion, and adaptability, consistently striving to create environments where students and clients can thrive. His dedication to fostering cooperative communities and empowering individuals underscores his role as an influential figure in the field of education.

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Randall Law

Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Randall Law is not just the founder, but the driving force, artistic visionary, and designer behind Kool Kolored Kid Generation LLC. 

His journey is marked by an extraordinary blend of talents that position him as a trailblazer in the making.

Randall’s creative journey is as diverse as it is impressive. From his roles as an actor in National Commercials, including as one of the actors in Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, to DrugfreeWorld.org and numerous GOOD magazine commercials, he’s left his artistic mark on various platforms.

In recognition of his remarkable contributions, Randall has been honored with the “2023” Delaware Business Times 40 under 40 award and the prestigious “2023” 400 years of African American History Commission Award. His dedication to personal growth and community betterment led him to graduate from the esteemed James H. Gilliam fellow’s program through the Wilmington Urban League in “2022.”

Notably, Randall made his mark as the original cast member Festone Shabazz in the off-Broadway production “Landing of the Urban Rebels.” Yet, he doesn’t confine his talents to the stage and screen alone.

In his free time, Randall commits himself to giving back through his initiatives like “100 pairs to give.” In 2022, he generously provided 100 pairs of sneakers from his brand, Global Kid Generation 1’s, to inner-city youth returning to Bancroft Elementary for school. He also partnered with Stepping Stones Federal Credit Union to distribute 100 touchscreen laptops, broadening educational horizons.

In 2023, Randall and his incredible team elevated their commitment with “100 pairs to give 2.0 & empowerment giveaway” at William Penn High School, Delaware’s largest high school. This initiative wasn’t just about sneakers and laptops; it also featured inspiring speakers such as Grouchy Greg Watkins, CEO of AllHipHop.com; Ashley Cooper, CEO of Droneversity, a pioneer in STEM education; and William Sherdian, a Delaware Basketball Hall of Famer and Villanova University Wildcat.

In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Randall continues to evolve personally and professionally. He engages in motivational speaking at different high schools, produces, directs, and edits content across multiple platforms, writes jingles, maintains a healthy and fit lifestyle, indulges in some shower singing, and cherishes his role as a father to his daughters, Kamille and Legacy.

Randall’s guiding principle can be encapsulated in his own words: “It’s a responsibility to become great at whatever you do.” He firmly believes that a blend of unwavering work ethics and a splash of creativity can propel anyone toward greatness. Randall Law stands as living proof that persistence and passion are the keys to unlocking boundless potential.

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Shantel Love

Shantel Love a native Brooklynite turned Delawarean circa 2013. Started her path here in Delaware with teaching and moved on to the nonprofit sector during the pandemic. 

Fast forward to today, she is the founder of Humbly Assisting Humanity, a non-profit organization that works to combat food insecurity and poverty in Delaware.

Shantel is a proud Public Ally Alum, where she served as the Community Engagement Coordinator, and has now moved on to be a full-time staff member for an Americorps program.

Service and giving back are things I am very passionate about because I’ve seen the effect they have on the community and those serving.

I look forward to using the life skills I have learned to be an asset to the PAL board and community.

Jason McCall

Currently I work as a Navigational Coach for the EMPOWER program at Kingswood Community Center.

Our EMPOWER provides a holistic services approach to assist our clients from financial assistance, resume review, workforce development and various other services in collaboration with resource partners.

Previously I was a caseworker and field representative for Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, resolving cases with federal agencies and acting as a liaison for constituents in the congresswoman’s office while also representing and staffing the Congresswoman at various events throughout the state.

I worked in corporate America for the majority of my professional career but wanted to serve the youth and the community. I’m a 2020 Public Allies Delaware Alum and a 2021 Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League James H. Gilliam Sr. Fellow Alum.

While at West End Neighborhood House in Wilmington prior to joining Team LBR, I oversaw three COVID vaccination clinics, the groundbreaking of a new foster care facility and a program that supported local restaurants and front-line workers. 

Outside of the office, I’ve served as vice president of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League Young Professionals and helped plan the 2021 MLK Day of Service with Westside Grows Together, which included a march, clean-up, and a celebration. I am also a board member for Every Man Counts and a charter member of the 100 Black Men of DE.

I’m an alum and avid supporter of Delaware State University, obtained an Associate of Applied Science degree in Human Services from Delaware Tech, and am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in the college of Interdisciplinary Health and Human Services from Morgan State University.

When not helping others, I moonlight as a co-sports anchor on DETV.

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Gabriel Pabon

Wilmington Fire Department

william resto

William Resto

Ian Smith

Ian Smith’s work since 2016 in Delaware with YAP has included:

  • Executive responsibility for all aspects of the daily YAP operations and expansion of programs that have served more than 150 youth re-entering the community from detention. The services include educational support, job readiness training, employment, wraparound services, and mentorship
  • Developed new afterschool programs at four key elementary schools by implementing Peaceful Alternative to Tough Situation (PATTS)
  • Managed Peaceful Alternatives to Tough Situations, a curriculum that teaches students alternative methods for dealing with conflict, crisis, and trauma
  • Served as Policy and Advocacy Center (PAC) Liaison for Delaware where he identified opportunities to leverage local outcomes, emerging issues, and national policies for strategic implementation into local, regional, and national programs 

Smith previously held management and community-based positions with YAP programs in Sierra Leone, on the southwest coast of West Africa, where he reviewed the program for funding renewal, and in Baltimore, Maryland, where he lived for much of his life. In Baltimore, Ian served as court-appointed support for young men (ages 14-18) who had been committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice and ensured that his clients were complying with all areas of their court order, such as probation and drug treatment. Smith was also a Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist with Maxim Health Services in Baltimore where he worked in the homes and in the schools of families and children diagnosed with mental health issues. Smith engaged clients in life skills activities, including field trips to various cultural events around the city and state. Smith also worked for the Boy Scouts of America, Baltimore Area Council. Ian Smith’s community service also includes serving currently as Vice-President of the Browntown Civic Association; as a current Board Member of Delaware Greenways and Innocence Delaware, Inc.; a former member of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Group; and former Board Member of the Light Up the Queen Foundation.

Darrin Wilson

Darrin has over 15 years of experience as a financial services professional, IT consultant and community leader.

In his role as a registered financial services professional he educated customers on the types of banking and investment products that could meet their financial goals. Throughout his career he has worked tirelessly in his local community as a member of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, which focuses on community-based initiatives that build sustainable diverse communities and the Beta Gamma Foundation which helps minority students in pursuit of higher education. Darrin is also a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Darrin Wilson, will be based out of the 9th & Market St. branch and coordinate a wide range of initiatives in the community. He will partner closely with the Delaware MLT and local Corporate Responsibility leads to develop financial health roadmaps and ensure the community knows we are there to support their financial goals.

As the Community Manager, I will develop and implement community outreach and engagement programs that are designed to deliver solutions for improving the financial knowledge and financial health of the underserved and underbanked members of our community. My role is to connect members of the community, community leaders, non-profits, and small businesses to the expertise and the full suite of resources that JPMC has to offer.

As the Community Manager, I represent the brand of JPMC and the resources available to the community. I let them know we are here for all and ready to serve. I am here to build financial acumen, financial health, and financial wealth within our communities.
As the Community Manager, my value proposition is simple: to establish & foster relationships within the community, position Chase as a credible & trustworthy resource, and to support and coordinate local initiatives with community stakeholders that ultimately lead to the elimination of economic inequity.

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