Programs & Services

Enroll your child in a variety of programs. From after school tutoring to Zumba, we offer plenty of opportunities to suit your child’s interests and needs that are essential to positive contribution in the community.


Expose the youth to leadership workshops and drug & bullying prevention activities with the National PAL Mentoring Program or provide a great opportunity for young girls to explore life’s unlimited possibilities with the female-only D.I.V.A Program. We offer a number of programs to build self-confidence and drive to push your child to build better relationships and decision-making skills.

Developmental Programs

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Recreational & Cultural Programs

Get the heart rate up and creative juices flowing with one of our many physically active or art focused activities. If your child seems to never run out of energy, our programs like Zumba or Olympic Judo may be the perfect outlet. Or if your child is more in touch with their creative side, our music and arts program encourages personal expression and growth.

Recreational & Cultural Programs

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Go beyond the classroom and expose your child to workshops and opportunities to further their abilities where it really matters. From tutoring services to community service projects to drug & bullying prevention activities, your child will be encouraged and ready to make a difference in the community.

Educational Programs

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Summer Camp

A variety of activities built to enhance and reinforce education all while improving athleticism and social skills essential for positive leadership in the community. Programs like our Summer Camp and Safe Haven offer offer opportunities for your child to grow and learn life skills that are difficult to learn in or out of the classroom.

Summer Camp Programs

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